Spring Newsletter 2014

I hope your life this year is rich and full, interesting and fulfilling. Here’s what my life is about.

The Launch of Berkshire Folk Tales will include a performance of Berkshire folk music and tales by my son Ed and me. Please, see details below.

Lancashire Folk Tales…

Lady Sybil and the Milk White Doe

Lady Sybil and the Milk White Doe

 …will be in the shops very soon, and is available now via my website: http://davidengland.co.uk/lancashire-folk-tales.

‘Lancashire Folk Tales’ was written with my friend and fellow writer, Mancunian poet Jennie Bailey. The book is beautifully illustrated by Adelina Pintea and Jo Lowes.

We are proud of our book and should like as many people as possible to read it, so it would be great if you bought a copy for yourself and as presents for your friends and families.

Watch out for the Lancashire Folk Tales website, coming soon: http://www.lancsfolktales.org.uk/.

Berkshire Folk Tales Belated Launch

I am pleased to tell you, Berkshire Folk Tales is now available on Kindle and the book is also available on my website at http://berkshirefolktales.co.uk/, as well as from the usual outlets.

Again, I should love the book to be widely read, so it would be great if you obtain a Kindle or printed copy, if you haven’t done so already, and also give it as presents to your friends and families.

Please, note the launch date for Berkshire Folk Tales, Friday 4 July starting at 7.30pm:

Place: RISC (Reading International Solidarity Centre)
Address: 35-39 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS

Map:  http://www.risc.org.uk/contact

Please, come. My musician son Ed has researched Berkshire folk tunes at Cecil Sharp House and the evening will include a performance of Berkshire folk tales and music by David and Ed England. There is no charge, but we shall invite donations to cover costs. Licensed bar.

There are only 80 seats, so please book your seats soon by clicking on Contact Me and sending me an email.

16891_0329 croppedTalks and Readings & After Dinner Speaking

I already have some bookings for public speaking around Berkshire Folk Tales. My first talk was to the Eton Wick History Group. The talk was called ‘History, Myth and Mystery in Berkshire Folk Tales’.

The Group’s Honorary Secretary wrote, I am very pleased to confirm how much the Eton Wick History Group’s audience of approximately fifty people enjoyed David’s talk on the 19th February. His talk was enthusiastically applauded and the History Group hopes to be able to invite David back to Eton Wick. David had taken the trouble to tailor his talk to this specific audience and his illustrated presentation included particular reference to local folklore which included ‘Witches of Windsor’. 

As well as telling the real story of the so called Witches of Windsor, hanged in Abingdon in 1579, I spoke about Herne the Hunter leading the Wild Hunt in Windsor Great Forest, and King Edward The Confessor, the only sainted king in English history, who conceived that right royal myth, the God-given faculty of kings to cure sick people by touching them, which faithful monarchs espoused for another seven hundred years.


Since February, I have organised a Soulfulness Spiritual Group in Cookham on the second Thursday of each month. For details, please go to: http://www.davidengland.org.uk/soulfulness-group. If you are in the area, please, come.

Soulfulness offers a way of relaxing to a drumbeat and allowing the imagination to focus upon an issue which we wish to explore. It is based on an ancient technique practised by the shaman of old, called a ‘shamanic journey’.

At the Soulfulness Group we tell tales, read poems, chant and drum, make inner shamanic journeys, and share whatever we choose.

Psychotherapy and Soulfulness

I have formed a Soulfulness Shamanic Practice (http://www.davidengland.org.uk/) alongside and also integral with my established Psychotherapy Practice (http://davidengland.net/).

I work one-to-one as a Soulfulness Shamanic Guide. Please, go to http://www.davidengland.org.uk/ for details.

Reading Recommendation : Louise Erdrichlouise erdrich

I have discovered an amazingly powerful writer, Louise Erdrich. She is one of the Original People of America. Her novels are original and strange, compulsive and compelling, raw, reflective and erotic, and are filled with colour, life and vigour.

In her novel ‘The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse’ (2009) there is a passage describing the astonishing, bizarre and lingering death of a psychopathic bank robber which is, surprisingly, a shear delight to read.

I am totally in love with Louise Erdrich!

Winter Newsletter 2013

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