Storytelling Programmes

I will present for you a storytelling programme which is geared to your needs. For example:

  • For a club or special event, a one hour performance
  • Or a two hour performance with a break in the middle
  • For open days, eg wildlife centres, a series of 20 minute sessions at set times
  • At festivals, daily early evening family sessions and later tales around the campfire

Also, I am often asked to tell stories on a particular theme. Recent examples are pirates and food.

Please contact me to discuss your storytelling programme plans. Here are some of my standard storytelling programmes, please click for more information. 

The Rajah’s Garden or Who Ate All The Bananas?

A Programme of Traditional Tales

A gig for children of all ages, suitable for Open Days.

The Rajah’s Garden is a programme of tales which growing children and still growing adults can share and enjoy.

There are talking toads and spooky spiders, magic leaves and enchanted trees, funny little men with pointed hats and ancient hags with their snouts in the bracken, ragged heroines and kings with horses ears, giant centipedes and rampaging tigers, everything you’d expect in a riotous Rajah’s Garden.

Wild Swans 

A Programme of Traditional Tales

Wild Swans is a programme of traditional tales which share a shamanicspace. They are populated by mysterious guiding spirits – crones and goddesses and such – and by ‘familiar’ and helping animals and birds, from the cosmic realms of earth and sky.

Variously powerful, profound, funny and touching stories, the centrepiece of the programme is an enchanting, mystic tale, The Twelve Wild Swans:The story of a princess’ journey to discover her lost brothers, who were turned into swans at her birth, and the trials she must endure to restore them to human form.

This programme is suitable for a family audience.

The programme can be arranged as a one hour or a two hour performance.


An Evening with Vasilisa

The Vasilisa Story as a Meditation 

Men, seek the source of your power and masculinity. Women, journey to find your powerful feminine.

‘Vasilisa’ is a rite of passage story; to get fire, Vasilisa must journey through the woods to the dreaded Baba Yaga.

The workshop is a Journey through story, your personal journey through the woods with Vasilisa. You experience the story in your own way. You discover the meaning and power it has for you.

‘An Evening With Vasilisa’ is storytelling with a difference – there is no separation ‘twixt teller and listener. There is only the story. Everyone is a participant in the story.

‘An Evening With Vasilisa’ is an experiential workshop suitable for small adult groups in a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment.

Give your storytelling circle, club or café the opportunity to spend an evening with Vasilisa. Really get to know her for yourselves. You’ll find it: Fun. Reflective. Stimulating. Surprising. Different. 

An Evening With Vasilisa is suitable for older children, teenagers and adults.

Talk to me about how members of your storytelling circle, club or café can spend…

An Evening with Vasilisa


Bawdy Tales

 A rich ragout of gloriously libidinous and riotously irreverent tales. 

The stories are the best (or rather the worst) of Boccaccio and chums. These tales are elegantly retold by David England, and spiced with incautious courtesan confidences. 

This programme is for an adult audience.

The programme can be arranged as a one hour or a two hour performance.