Book: Berkshire Folk Tales

 Berkshire Folk Tales by David England and Tina Bilbe, published by The History Press

Berkshire Cover ImageIt is the Summer of 1899. A group of antiquaries sets out from Reading on a tour of  old Berkshire in a wagonette. At each town or village on their itinerary, they, or the locals they meet on their journey, tell their favourite Berkshire Folk Tales.

Interwoven into this frame story are thirty Berkshire Folk Tales: the real story behind King Gaarge killing the dragon; how King Alfred burning the cakes unified the English nation; how Herne the Hunter became Leader of the Wild Hunt; why “Tha’ll ne’er get Bob Appleford’s pig”. And many more, tales of highwaymen, witches, hangings, ordeals by fire and combat, murders, and cunning men.

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