My Stories


Here is a collection of some of my favourite traditional tales, retold in my own words, plus some of my original stories. From time to time, more of my stories will appear on this webpage. So, please make this one of your favourite sites and visit me often.

Vasilisa and Baba Yaga is a rite of passage story; to get fire, Vasilisa must journey through the woods to the dreaded Baba Yaga.

The Horse of Power. Ride with the young archer to edge of the world, where the red sun rises in flame from behind the blue sea, and share his time of trial.

Mabon ap Modron.  The Autumn Equinox is for some the festival of Mabon ap Modron. Here is the story.

St Corentin & the Golden Fish, a gutsy spiritual story about grace and soul.c.

Pearl of Wisdom is a very different rendering of the popular campfire story, ‘The Woman Who Had Two.’

The Juniper Tree.  My retelling of Grimms’ horror story, a dark and powerful tale of a hated child.

The Princess. One of my original stories, it defies description, so just read it. Please.

The Warrior is a beastly oriental tale.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  This is a cracking good seasonal story. It is such a long story in the original, I have written my version to be told in 30 minutes. I also offer a shamefully iconoclastic, but child-friendly, version of the story, Sir Haywain and the Green Cabbage