Berkshire Folk Tales

Berkshire Folk Tales by David England and Tina Bilbe, published by The History Press

Berkshire Folk Tales is a collection of tales powerfully retold for a contemporary audience. The collection contains tales of well known figures such as Herne the Hunter and Dick Turpin, without whom ‘Berkshire Folk Tales’ would be incomplete, as well as many lesser known tales, painstakingly gleaned from Berkshire archives by Tina Bilbé and sensitively written by David England, such as:

> The touching tale of the Duke of Chandos buying himself a wife.

> The very unpleasant ‘Pleasant History of Thomas of Reading’.

> A young girl’s candid account of King Gaarge killing the dragon.

> The romantic tale of a beautiful young heiress challenging the man she loves to a duel to the death.

Surrounding these variously powerful, funny, gory, heartless, moving, romantic, spiritual and prosaic tales is a delightful frame story written by Tina Bilbé. In the Summer of 1899, a group of antiquaries tours Berkshire in a wagonette, hearing and telling tales as they go.

Berkshire Folk Tales has been gloriously illustrated by Sue White.

So, Berkshire Folk Tales is a book of folk tales and much more. It is a gazetteer to guide you in making the journey yourself to discover this land and its stories.

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