Storytelling, the Oral Tradition

Traditional Oral Storytelling

David Storytelling

I love storytelling:

Telling stories which make my heart sing, as well as hoping they’ll make your heart sing too.

And stories which make me laugh. Which I know can captivate an audience. As well as tories which touch the soul.

I love:

Telling stories to an audience of children and parents. Engaging with the audience, maybe making faces, noises, movements, dancing, as well as answering back, playing silly instruments.

Offering children the chance to sit in the storytelling chair and tell stories themselves to an enraptured audience, often for the first time.

I love being with an audience in a relaxed setting. Telling traditional tales of wonder and ancient wisdom. With the power to reveal new paths and transform lives, as they have mine.

I tell stories at: Schools, Libraries, and Nature Centres. Weddings and Family Occasions. Rotary Clubs. Corporate Events and Private Parties. I am Resident Storyteller at Oxford Dance Camp.

I hold a DBS Certificate. As a Member of Equity, I have Public Liability Insurance.

To Book Me for Your Event

Please, telephone or email me with details of your event and the storytelling you need. Just click on ‘Contact Me’. Here’s what I offer:

First of all, I can offer a one hour programme or else a two hour programme with a break.

Then, on open days at wildlife centres etc, I offer a series of 20 minute open air sessions at set times.

Also, at camps and festivals I do daily early evening family sessions and later tell tales around the campfire.

I have a fund of short, active and engaging stories suitable for children of all ages.

And, for a more relaxed setting, I also have a fund of longer stories, funny or moving or profound or enchanting wonder tales. So, please, click on ‘Testimonials’ to hear how my storytelling is received.

Written Stories

I am a story writer as well as a storyteller. My first book Berkshire Folk Tales, written with my friend and fellow storyteller Tina Bilbe, has been published by The History Press. So, you can buy the book now and receive a signed copy by clicking on ‘Buy Berkshire Folk Tales’.

My second book Lancashire Folk Tales, is also written with a friend, Mancunian poet and writer Jennie Bailey. It has has also been published by The History Press. So, you can buy this book as well and receive a signed copy by clicking on ‘Buy Lancashire Folk Tales’.

Please, click on ‘My Stories’ to read a selection of my stories, that includes both traditional and original stories.